Unlock your farm's full potential

NexStar Crop Performance empowers farmers of all generations to "Do More with Less."

Unlock your farm's full potential

NexStar Crop Performance empowers farmers of all generations to "Do More with Less."

Leading the way

Customized solutions for every pass

We understand that every field is unique. That's why we can create tailored batches of different mixes to give you a competitive advantage.

Our approach combines proven technologies with the latest advancements, ensuring that you always have the upper hand in maximizing yields while maintaining soil health for future generations.

Seed Care

LaunchPoint™ presents an all-encompassing solution delivering active ingredients to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Foliar & Nutritionals

ProfitPoint™ Micronutrients are the key to maximizing your plant’s potential throughout the season. These essential micronutrients are a game-changer for your agricultural success.

Spray Tank Adjuvants

SprayPoint™ introduces a comprehensive range of field-tested and proven adjuvants, offering simplicity and efficiency for growers.

Biological Aids

BioPoint™ delivers reliable, consistent, and effective biological aids designed to enhance your crop’s performance.

Nitrogen Management

StayPoint™ provides unmatched protection of your nutrient investments, without compromising soil health.

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“The line of products that they have developed has been very nice to us to cut down costs.”

Andrew, Philip, and Mark

Owners, Hanna Farms

Enhance crop performance with our high-quality products

Uniform Nutrient Distribution

Enhance nutrient solubility and root growth with your fertilizer.

Increased Aerial Effectiveness

Increase permeation of aerial passes ensuring sprays get to target.

Performance and Seed Coverage

Superb early season disease protection with superior coverage.

Affordable financing with RateStar

We don't want financial constraints to limit your success.
That's why we offer unique financing opportunities through RateStar.

This program makes using NexStar products more affordable and flexible, allowing you to pay when it makes sense for your operation. Find out more about RateStar and how it can benefit your farm.

Not sure which products are right for your specific concerns?

Check out our personalized product guide, designed to help you make informed choices for your farm. If you have specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our expert Agronomists for personalized guidance tailored to your fields.