SprayPoint HS-MSO | Methylated Soy Oil and Surfactant

SprayPoint™ HS-MSO is a highly concentrated blend of premium modified vegetable oil and surfactant, designed to improve the performance of herbicides that require a methylated seed oil. This advanced formula is highly effective, providing superior canopy penetration and leaf surface coverage.


  • Modified Vegetable Oil 60%
  • Proprietary blend of Emulsifier 40%

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Product Description

Maximize oil with SprayPoint™ HS-MSO

  • High-Quality Methylated Soy Oil: SprayPoint HS-MSO utilizes high-quality methylated soy oil, ensuring enhanced performance, even in challenging conditions.
  • Superior Surfactant System: With a superior surfactant system, it enhances pesticide uptake and effectiveness, helping your herbicides perform at their best.
  • Canopy Penetration: Achieve greater canopy penetration and leaf surface coverage, making sure your herbicides reach their target efficiently.
  • Performance Under Stress: SprayPoint HS-MSO is designed to make your herbicides work effectively even when weeds are under stressful conditions like heat and drought.
  • Versatile Compatibility: It improves the performance of a wide range of herbicide tank mixes, making it a valuable addition to your crop management practices.
  • Economical Use Rate: Use SprayPoint HS-MSO at 50% of the rate of ordinary methylated seed oils and crop oil concentrates, making it an economical choice.

SprayPoint HS-MSO | Methylated Soy Oil and Surfactant

Benefit many pesticide applications with SprayPoint HS-MSO

Achieving optimal herbicide performance, especially under challenging environmental conditions, is crucial for successful crop management. SprayPoint HS-MSO is the solution you need, and is a highly concetrated blend of quality modified vegetable oil and surfactant blend.

Which crops thrive with SprayPoint HS-MSO?




When to use SprayPoint HS-MSO

For improved herbicide applications requiring a methylated seed oil.

See herbicide product label for use cases.

Product FAQs

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Superior canopy penetrations and leaf surface coverage with SprayPoint HS-MSO

It’s the key to elevating your herbicide performance and achieving successful weed control.

Recommended Use Rate

Use SprayPoint HS-MSO at a rate of 12-32 oz/acre or 0.25-1% by volume as a replacement for nonionic surfactants and COC’s (Crop Oil Concentrates). Opt for the higher end of the use rate spectrum when conditions are hot and dry.

SprayPoint HS-MSO is available in the following options:

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

20-53 acre of coverage

250 gallon tote

1,000-2,666 acre coverage

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