SprayPoint Last Pass | NIS, Drift, Antifoam for Aerial

SprayPoint™ Last Pass adjuvant helps optimize droplet adhesion, which reduces bounce and increases droplet spreading for improved contact, coverage and canopy penetration. These features enhance overall agronomic performance, providing more fungicide and insecticide where it is most needed.


  • Modified soybean oil
  • Ethoxylated soybean oil
  • Proprietary surfactant blend 100%

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Product Description

Why SprayPoint™ Last Pass is essential to your herbicide program

  • Aerial Application: Specifically designed to aid in aerial applications for increased efficiency.
  • Droplet Size: Manages droplet size and limits drifitable fines.
  • Uniform Coverage: Superior wetting features ensures uniform coverage.
  • Hit Your Target: Enhanced permeation of waxy tissue to get active ingredients to target.
  • NPE free for maximum crop safety

SprayPoint Last Pass | NIS, Drift, Antifoam for Aerial

Enhance aerial performance with SprayPoint Last Pass

Ensure your ingredients are hitting and staying on the plants with aerial applications by pairing herbicides with SprayPoint Last Pass. Combining a non ionic surfactant, drift mitigation, and antifoam makes this a great partner for success.

Which crops thrive with SprayPoint Last Pass?




When to use SprayPoint Last Pass

Use during aerial applications to improve canopy penetration, reduce drift, and foaming with your herbicide program.

Product FAQs

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Improve your aerial applications with SprayPoint Last Pass

Improved droplet size, reduced fines, and enhanced permeation of waxy tissue make this a great partner for aerial herbicides.

Recommended Use Rate

4-6 oz per acre

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

106-160 acre coverage

250 gallon tote

5,333-8,000 acre coverage

Bulk quantities

8,000 + acre coverage

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