LaunchPoint Complete | Seed Treatment

Give your soybeans unsurpassed protection against harmful early-season pests and drive exceptional early-season plant health and plantability.

If you’re seeking top-notch performance and unbeatable value, LaunchPoint is your winning formula.

Active Ingredients

  • Thiamethoxam1 16.30%
  • Mefenoxam2 2.45%
  • Picarbutrazox3 0.82%
  • Fludioxonil4 0.82%
  • Sedaxanes5 0.82%

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Product Description

Why Choose Launch Point Complete?

We combine the best in the industry components for stability and seed coverage. Visually see the difference with cutting edge color and performance.

  • Triple Stack Biological Package: LaunchPoint Complete offers a unique triple-stack biological package that accelerates early-season nodulation, ensuring your soybeans receive the nutrients they need, no matter where you farm.
  • Protection Against Early-Season Pests: This seed treatment is armed with a formidable lineup of fungicides and insecticides, including Fludioxonil, T-methyl, Mefenoxam, and Imidacloprid, offering proven defense against a broad spectrum of early-season pests and diseases.
  • Exceptional Early-Season Plant Health and Plantability: LaunchPoint Complete is designed to give your soybeans the healthiest possible start. It’s your key to robust root development and improved photosynthetic efficiency, translating to healthier plants and enhanced plantability.

LaunchPoint Complete | Seed Treatment

Launch your growing season with Launch Point Complete

In the world of agriculture, achieving a bountiful harvest begins with protecting your crops from early-season threats and ensuring they get off to the healthiest start possible. When it comes to soybeans, there’s no better ally than LaunchPoint Complete.

Which Crops Thrive with Launch Point Complete?

Beans Exclusive: Our product is optimized for beans, recognizing the unique requirements of this crop to promote superior growth and protection.

When to use Launch Point Complete

LaunchPoint is effective as a seed treatment solution used during planting.

Seed Treatment: LaunchPoint is a seed treatment to give your beans the ultimate head start. Maximize the potential of each seed from the very beginning, ensuring none are left behind.

Product FAQs

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Elevate your soybean crop's potential and safeguard your investment with LaunchPoint Complete.

It’s not just a seed treatment; it’s the key to achieving a remarkable harvest. Experience the difference – run with LaunchPoint today.

Recommended Use Rates

How Much Should You Apply?

LaunchPoint Complete is a co-pack. Part A is a liquid pre-mix used at an application rate of 1.95 oz per unit of soybeans. Part B is a case including an inoculant, trichoderma, and ploymer used in an application rate of .97 oz per unit of soybeans.

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