ProfitPoint Gyp-Z | Gypsum Fertilizer Blend with Zinc

ProfitPoint Gyp-Z is a groundbreaking solution, integrating zinc and functional compounds that are biologically derived and a premium sulfur source. It is tailored to maximize the effectiveness of your dry fertilizer blends by enhancing nutrient solubility and promoting root growth and function.

Nutrient Equivalent

  • 21% Calcium
  • 17% Sulfur
  • 1% Zinc

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Product Description

Why Gyp-Z works

ProfitPoint Gyp-Z offers a range of benefits to boost your crop’s potential and overall health:

  • Uniform Nutrient Distribution: This solution enhances the availability of essential nutrients, ensuring your plants receive what they need for optimal growth.
  • Enhances Nutrient Use Efficiency: By stimulating natural biological activity in the soil, Gyp-Z promotes efficient nutrient utilization.
  • Promotes Better Root Growth and Development: Strong, healthy roots are the foundation of thriving plants, and Gyp-Z plays a vital role in their development.
  • Broad Applicability: Gyp-Z is effective across various plant and soil types and seamlessly integrates into conventional production practices that utilize dry fertilizers.

ProfitPoint Gyp-Z | Gypsum Fertilizer Blend with Zinc

Elevate your crop's potential with ProfitPoint Gyp-Z

This innovative fertilizer biological enhancement is meticulously crafted to optimize your fall fertility program, ensuring your crops receive the essential nutrients they need when it matters the most. Uniform nutrient distribution due to a unqiue formulation provides better plant availability.

Which crops thrive with Gyp-Z?

Gyp-Z is effective across a broad range of plant and soil types and can be easily incorporated into any conventional production practice that employs dry fertilizers.




When to use Profit Point Gyp-Z

Gyp-Z in an excellent addition to your fall fertilizer program.

It helps sets the stage for early season plant health and rigor.

Product FAQs

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Supercharge your fall fertility program and set the stage for a successful growing season

Maximize your crop’s potential with this innovative fertilizer biological enhancement.

Recommended use rates

To make the most of ProfitPoint Gyp-Z, follow these straightforward application instructions:

Minimum 100 lbs per acre

Product availability

Bulk Dry Fertilizer

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