StayPoint N-Trap | Nitrogen Stabilizer

StayPoint™ N-Trap – UAN and Urea Stabilizer employs a unique technology called Micro-Chain Technology, which captures and retains more nitrogen in the upper root zone. This leads to increased nitrogen uptake and utilization by your crops. The NH4 molecules are densely packed, providing more binding sites to limit nitrogen loss, ensuring your corn receives the nitrogen it needs for robust growth.


  • NBPT Solution 20%
  • Propylene Glycol, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidoneand Copolymer surfactant 80%

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Product Description

Dual Action uera and UAN Partner

  • Preservation of Biologicals: Does not harm beneficial bacteria, ensuring the soil’s health.
  • Dual Action Protection: Up to 3 weeks of above ground protection and reduces leaching below ground.
  • Non-Corrosive: Does not corrode equipment, ensuring your machinery remains in good condition.
  • Nitrogen Management: Effectively manages nitrogen during crucial growth stages.
  • Specifically formulated for UAN and urea.

StayPoint N-Trap | Nitrogen Stabilizer

Optimize your corn yields with StayPoint N-Trap

Introducing StayPoint N-Trap, a groundbreaking solution designed to provide superior above ground protection and reduce nitrogen losses due to leaching. N-Trap incorporates advanced technology to improved polymer technology combined with a high rate of NBPT. It’s formulated as an additive for UAN, urea, and manure applications, making it a powerful ally for your crops.

Which Crops Thrive with StayPoint N-Trap?


When to use StayPoint N-Trap

All UAN and urea applications.

Product FAQs

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Dual ction protection formulated for UAN and Urea applications.

Above and below ground nitrogen protection with micro-chain technology.

Recommended Use Rates

Urea: 2 quarts per ton
UAN solutions: 1.5 quarts per ton
Liquid Manure: 13.5 – 18 oz per acre

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon cases

Urea: 10 acre coverage
UAN: 13 acre coverage
Manure: 35-47 acre coverage

250 gallon totes

Urea: 500 acre coverage
UAN: 666 acre coverage
Manure: 1,777- 2,370 acre coverage

Bulk quantities

500 + acre coverage

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