SprayPoint COC | Crop Oil Concentrate

SprayPoint™ COC is a carefully crafted blend that combines paraffinic oil and premium quality surfactant to create a powerful crop oil concentrate. This unique formulation offers several key benefits for your herbicide applications.


  • Paraffin Base Petroleum Oil 83%
  • Alcohol Ethozylates 17%

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Product Description

Better absorption with SprayPoint™ COC

  • Improved Coverage and Penetration: SprayPoint COC enhances spray solution coverage and penetration, ensuring your herbicides reach their target effectively.
  • Extended Dwell Time: This product increases the dwell time of the spray solution on the leaf surface, allowing it to work more effectively.
  • Enhanced Herbicide Activity: SprayPoint COC increases the activity of herbicides, helping them perform better against weeds.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with UAN (Urea Ammonium Nitrate) and AMS (Ammonium Sulfate), even in cold water, making it versatile and easy to use.

SprayPoint COC | Crop Oil Concentrate

Increase herbicide activity with SprayPoint COC

When it comes to weed control in your fields, maximizing the effectiveness of your herbicides is essential. This crop oil concentrate blend is designed to improve the performance of your herbicides, and it’s approved for use with Enlist™*.

Which crops thrive with SprayPoint COC?




When to use SprayPoint COC

For pesticides requiring the addition of a crop oil. See pesticide product label for additional details.

SprayPoint COC increases the activity of many pesticides, so care must be taken when treating sensitive crops during periods of drought stress, high temperatures, or high humidity.

Product FAQs

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Maximize the effectiveness of your herbicides with SprayPoint COC

Prolong droplet drying time for better absorption.

Recommended Use Rate

Ground Application: 1-2 pints per acre
Aerial Application: 1-2% v/v

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

20-40 acre coverage

250 gallon tote

1,000-2,000 acre coverage

Bulk quantities

2,000 + acre coverage

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