SprayPoint Drift & Deposition | Drift Reduction and Deposition Aid

SprayPoint™ Drift & Deposition is a versatile tank mix partner to aid in getting more active ingredients lower into the plant canopy and reduces fines.


  • Methylated soybean oil and a proprietary surfactant blend 100%

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Product Description

Key benefits of SprayPoint™ Drift & Deposition

Here’s why SprayPoint Drift & Deposition should be an essential part of your herbicide application:

  • Reducing fines: Delivers more droplets in the preferred droplet diameter spectrum
  • Improves deposition and coverage: More correct size droplets for greater leaf coverage
  • Helps get more active ingredients lower into plant canopy for better efficacy
  • Easy to handle with a low use rate

SprayPoint Drift & Deposition | Drift Reduction and Deposition Aid

Enhance herbicide performance with SprayPoint Drift & Deposition

When it comes to weed control, optimizing the effectiveness of your herbicides is crucial. SprayPoint Drift & Deposition is here to help. This Enlist® approved D&D is designed to enhance the performance of various herbicides, including glyphosate and glufosinate.

Which crops thrive with SprayPoint Drift & Deposition?




When to use Spray Point Drift & Deposition

For use with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

Product FAQs

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Take your herbicide applications to the next level with SprayPoint Drift & Deposition.

It’s the key to successful weed control and maintaining healthy crops.

*Approved for use with Enlist®. Always follow local regulations and pesticide label instructions.

Recommended Use Rate

3-6 oz per acre up to 20 gallons

Directions for Use

When considering the use of adjuvants and their impact on pesticides and fertilizers, it’s crucial to be aware that they may cause phytotoxicity to desirable crops. Therefore, before using SprayPoint Drift & Deposition, the applicator or crop advisor should have experience with the pesticide combination.

SprayPoint Drift & Deposition is available in the following options:

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

250 gallon tote

Bulk quantities

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