StayPoint N-Snare | Nitrogen Extender

StayPoint N-Snare – NH3 Stabilizer is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide nitrogen protection for your anhydrous ammonia. This advanced formula, enriched with Micro-Chain Technology, captures and maintains more nitrogen in the upper root zone extending nitrogen availability.


  • Calcium 10%
  • Polozethylene Glycol, Co-Polymer 28%
  • Other proprietary ingredients 62%

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Product Description

Extend nitrogen availability and uptake

  • Reduces Nitrogen Loss: Prevents leaching, preserving the nitrogen for your plants.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive: Safe for the environment and equipment.
  • Increases Nitrogen Efficiency, Availability, and Uptake: Enhances your crop’s ability to utilize nitrogen effectively.
  • Soil Biome Safety: Does not kill biologicals or beneficial bacteria.

StayPoint N-Snare | Nitrogen Extender

Nh3 Stabilizer built to reduce nitrogen with StayPoint N-Snare

A groundbreaking solution designed to extend nitrogen availability, enhance uptake, and reduce nitrogen loss. N-Snare incorporates advanced technology to offer more calcium and improved polymer technology. It’s formulated as an additive for anhydrous ammonia and liquid fertilizer applications below ground, making it a powerful ally for your crops.

Which crops thrive with StayPoint N-Snare?


When to use StayPoint N-Snare

All anhydrous ammonia applications.

Product FAQs

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Elevate your corn yields and support consistent profits with StayPoint N-Snare.

Non-corrosive Nh3 stabilizer with built-in soil biome safety.

Recommended Use Rates

Anhydrous Ammonia Injection: 6 oz per 50 units of Nitrogen

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon cases

106 units of Nitrogen

250 gallon totes

5,333 units of Nitrogen

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