ProfitPoint Gyp-Z Plus | Fertilizer plus Mn and Boron

Get a jump start on a strong spring with an advanced fall fertility program. With two extra nutrients, this is an efficient way to make good use of your fall fertility.

Nutrient Equivelent

  • 21% Calcium
  • 17% Sulfur
  • .35% Zinc
  • .2% Manganese
  • .1% Boron

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Product Description

Gyp-Z Plus gets more out of your fertilizer

  • Calcium: Balance soil pH and boost overall plant health.
  • Sulfur: Aids in protein and enzyme synthesis, contributing to overall plant health.
  • Boron: Essential for new growth, pollination, and reproduction, stabilizing cell walls for plant structure and integrity. It also aids in nitrogen assimilation and root nodulation formation, enhancing nitrogen uptake and utilization.
  • Manganese: Supports herbicide metabolism, chlorophyll formation, and plant respiration, all critical to photosynthesis.
  • Zinc: Promotes root and shoot growth and helps plants withstand environmental stress.

ProfitPoint Gyp-Z Plus | Fertilizer plus Mn and Boron

Make the most of fertilizer with ProfitPoint™ Gyp-Z Plus

Adding micronutrients and enzymes in a unique formulation increases the performance of your fertilizer applications.

Which crops thrive with Gyp-Z Plus?

Gyp-Z Plus is effective across a broad range of plant and soil types and can be easily incorporated into any conventional production practice that employs dry fertilizers.




When to use ProfitPoint Gyp-Z Plus

Gyp-Z Plus in an excellent addition to your fall fertilizer program.

It helps sets the stage for early season plant health and rigor.

Product FAQs

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ProfitPoint Gyp-Z Plus is the is the extra punch your fall fertility program needs with an extra boost of Mn and B

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your crop’s potential and reap the rewards of using this game-changing fertilizer biological enhancement.

Recommended Use Rates

To make the most of ProfitPoint Gyp-Z Plus, follow these straightforward application instructions:

Minimum of 100 lbs per acre

Product availability

Bulk Dry Fertilizer

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