ProfitPoint Zinc 9% | Zinc 9%

ProfitPoint™ Zinc 9% is formulated to deliver high-quality zinc in a fully chelated EDTA form. This chelation process shields and protects the zinc nutrients, preventing them from reacting and binding with other elements in the soil and other fertilizers.

Active Ingredients

  • 9% Zinc

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Product Description

The Agronomics

Zinc: Promotes root and shoot growth; helps plants withstand environmental stress.

Why NexStar Brand?

  • Ideal for Liquid Starter Fertilizers and Foliar Applications: This product is perfect for use with liquid starter fertilizers and as a foliar application, even in challenging tank mixes.
  • Superior Compatibility: It is highly compatible with various NPK fertilizers, thiosulfate solutions, orthophosphates, polyphosphates, high-pH solutions, nitrogen and SRN solutions.
  • Application Flexibility: ProfitPoint Zinc 9% can be mixed directly into growing media.
  • High Efficiency: It is more efficient than other nutrient forms, providing up to a 6x ratio in harsh soil conditions.
  • Compatibility with Crop Protection Products: This product can be used alongside insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides that have specific pH requirements.

ProfitPoint Zinc 9% has been approved as a tank mix partner with the 2,4-D based herbicide, Enlist Duo® with Colex-D® Technology.

ProfitPoint Zinc 9% | Zinc 9%

Maximize your harvest's yield with ProfitPoint Zinc 9%

ProfitPoint Zinc 9% offers high-quality, fully chelated EDTA micronutrients designed to provide your crops with the essential zinc they need for optimal growth and development.

Which crops thrive with Zinc 9%?




When to use Profit Point Zinc 9

Can be applied in-furrow or as a foliar application throughout the growing season.

Crops benefit when they are deficient in micronutrients to improve root and shoot growth and withstand environmental stress.

Product FAQs

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Help Your Plants Withstand Environmental Stress

Ensure nutrients remain available to the plant in a wide range of tank mixes as well as pH and soil conditions.

Recommended Use Rates

Foliar Application:

  • Field, Row, and Vegetable Crops: Apply 1 quart per acre. Avoid applying when plants are suffering from moisture stress.
  • Aerial: Apply 0.5-1 pint per acre

Soil Application:

  • Field, Row, and Vegetable Crops: Apply 2-8 quarts per acre.
  • Fruit, Tree, and Vine Crops: Apply 2-10 quarts per acre or 1 to 4 Tbsp per inch of tree diameter.

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

10 acres of coverage

250 gallon tote

1,000 acres of coverage

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