BioPoint JumpPoint Advanced | Copack Plant Growth Regulator and Microbial Package

For farmers seeking a seamless solution for liquid fertilizer application during the planter pass, BioPoint™ JumpPoint Advanced is the ultimate co-pack. This convenient and easy-to-use application brings together two powerhouse components:

  1. BioPoint™ JumpPoint: An EPA-registered Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) designed to enhance germination, promote early plant emergence, especially in cool conditions, and stimulate robust root growth and seedling development.
  2. NUTRIFUEL™: A best-in-class microbial package enriched with potent nutritional-boosting bacteria. It increases the availability, solubility, and mobility of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc throughout the growing season.

Active Ingredients

  • Cytokinin .009%
  • Gibberellic Acid .005%
  • Indole-3-butyric Acid .005%
  • Indole-3-acetic Acid .005%
  • Other ingredients 99.976%
    • Bacillus formis
    • Bacillus composti
    • Bacillus azotofixan
    • Bacillus ligniniphilus
    • Thiobacillus sulfooxidans
    • Thiobacillus ferooxidans
    • Azotobacter chrococcum
    • Bradyrhizobium dentricans

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Product Description

Driving maximum plant biomass in high yield conditions

  • Nutrient Accessibility: Makes NPK and other micronutrients readily available to plants.
  • Synergistic Performance: Works seamlessly with ProfitPoint™ Zinc 9% or UpShift™ to provide essential plant food and micros for building robust plants quickly.
  • Root Structure Enhancement: Builds a massive root structure, maximizing the intake of nutrients.
  • Comprehensive Microbial Support: With 8 microbes targeting all nutrients in the soil, including nitrogen.
  • High Microbial Concentration: NUTRIFUEL™ delivers 1000x more CFUs than most competitors.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Can be used with all starter fertilizers due to its patented hard spores.

BioPoint JumpPoint Advanced | Copack Plant Growth Regulator and Microbial Package

Revolutionize plant growth with BioPoint™ JumpPoint Advanced Co-Pack

Combine the power of a plant growth regulator and microbial package to bump your results in a high yield enviroment. This ultimate co-pack is built to give you more stability in stress conditions.

Which crops thrive with JumpPoint Advanced?

Every acre has the opportunity to benefit from a biological program.




When to use Bio Point JumpPoint Advanced

Best used in tank mix combinations applied in-furrow, banded, or post-emerge applications.

Compatible with a range of starter fertilizers, NPK fertilizers, side dress and foliar applications. Compatible with most post applied herbicides and active ingredient tank mix combinations.

Product FAQs

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Revitalize your crop strategy with BioPoint™ JumpPoint Advanced

Increase mobility of essential nutrients and early plant emergence.

Recommended Use Rate

3oz per Acre Part A and .02 oz per Acre Part B

Product availability

2 x 2.5 gallon case

213 acre coverage

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